Florida Court Weighs When Not Meeting Policy Terms Means Coverage Forfeiture

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Florida’s high court is debating whether a driver forfeited her uninsured motorist coverage by refusing to meet the insurer’s specific requirement to undergo a scheduled medical exam. The state Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments in a case [State.. Read More..

Judge blocks Hillsborough’s effort to crack down on staged car crashes

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TAMPA — Hillsborough County’s attempt to crack down on staged auto accidents hit a courtroom wall this week. A Circuit Court judge issued a temporary injunction against the county Wednesday, preventing it from enforcing licensing requirements for clinics that.. Read More..

Homeowners Insurance

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Why should I consider homeowners, condominium, or renter insurance? Insurance can help you with your peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a covered loss, your damaged home can be rebuilt and your destroyed belongings can be.. Read More..